Hamari, Finland ⛵ A Peaceful Morning Walk


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    Tuesday – 07:00 – 14 September 2021


    11°c (51.8°f)



Hello, welcome to another scene, it’s currently 7 in the morning and the sky is clear enough to let the sun wake up beautifully!

Today i want to welcome you to the maritime village called “Hamari” (Swedish: Hammars), located about 5 km from the center of Porvoo.
Hamari is an idyllic place for residents and visitors.
In addition to beautiful scenery, the area has solid historical roots.
Shipyard operations in the village of Hamari began in the 1730s, in the harbor of which cargo of sailboats were unloaded.
A loading bay was built in 1863 on Kaunissaari in front of Hamari.

Today, the port has a cozy café and a gas station.
The surroundings of the port were renovated in 2010.
Hamari Harbor has a guest boat dock, which allows you to enter the village even by sea.

I will take you along the seashore while the sun is slowly waking up.
I wish you a calm and peaceful walk.
Be safe out there and take care! xx

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