Northern Lights in Finland 🌌 Aurora Borealis


Hey, welcome (back) to the scenes!
So last weekend was pretty quiet until one of my colleagues at work warned me about a possible Aurora Borealis taking place later that evening. (Kiitos)

I learned from previous Aurora that i should not stand on a hill but instead search for a low & wide area, preferably a lake.
For a total of 2 hours i waited patiently for the magic to appear in the sky.
I’m glad i did because it was worth it, definitely better and more spectacular than the first one.

I’ve now been a witness of 2 Aurora’s, both seen from Southern Finland.
For many years i thought it’s not possible to see an Aurora this far south. It was my fault never really looking for it. 🙂
If you’re hoping to see an Aurora Borealis on your trip to Finland, i do advise you to visit Lapland instead, it’ll happen more frequently and even a lot more impressive than this one !

Thank you for watching and keeping me company.
I hope to see you back in the next scene or one of the previous.
Have a great day and take care X

Emmit Fenn

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