Gray Snow Walk in Hyvinkää City After Heavy Snowfall – Life in Finland


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    Saturday – 10 December 2022


    -5°c (23°f)



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In today’s video i take you through the city of Hyvinkää, Finland.
There was a heavy snowfall on the way here, but unfortunately it was over when i turned on the camera.
I believe this is our first time walking in Hyvinkää, which means i can spoil you with some juicy information!
Hyvinkää or Hyvinge in Swedish, is a city in the Uusimaa region, about 50 kilometers north of Helsinki.
The total population is ~46,800, of which 96% speak Finnish as their main language.

A tavern named ‘Höffinga’ was first mentioned in 1495 in the area now known as Hyvinkäänkylä.
In the 16th century, a mine was active in the region.
It was not until the 19th century that the VILLAGE of Hyvinkää saw growth.
Starting in 1861 with the construction of the railway network through Finland.
Connection to Finland’s first section of railway, the Helsinki-Hämeenlinna line.
Hyvinkää railway station (Est. 1862) is one of the few original stations still in use, along with Järvenpää station on the same line.
In 1862 another (PRIVATE) railway line was built, connecting Hyvinkää with the port of Hanko.
It became a stopover for many emigrants who left Hanko by ship for a new life in North America.

By 1892, industrialization had reached Hyvinkää with a wool mill becoming one of the 15 largest companies in Finland.
After World War II, Hyvinkää’s Airfield briefly served as the country’s main airport, while Helsinki Airport was under the control of the Allied Powers.
The population of Hyvinkää grew rapidly after World War II.
It became home to many Finnish Karelian refugees after Karelia was handed out to the Soviet Union.

One more thing i would like to mention is Hyvinkää’s new church, it is a modernist church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.
Built in 1961, a pyramid-like building like no other, which can be seen at minute 11.12 in the video.

I hope the information was interesting, thank you for joining me today.
I wish you a pleasant walk, take care, stay warm and until the next scene!

Aakash Gandhi

Kiss the Sky

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